Wrought iron fences

At our clients' requests, we prepare wrought iron fences with amazingly detailed and rich ornaments. The smiths who create these impressive works of art are highly qualified and experienced specialists, constantly striving for perfection. They are willing to advise you in the selection of a pattern that will harmonize with the style of a particular property. As a result, your house will not only be well-protected, but it will also have a phenomenal setting.

Metal fences

It is very important for us to make our products recognizable, hence we do not avoid unusual decorations and demanding projects. We always work in accordance with the client's guidelines and when the product is ready, we transport it to their property and install it. We create both modern metal fences and traditional ones in our workshop near Warsaw and we deliver them to many different countries. We always do our utmost to make every client fully content with the cooperation and to provide their property with surroundings that will be resistant to atmospheric conditions as well as to unwanted guests.

We understand that every arrangement may require another type of a wrought iron fence, so the choice of a style of the project is always discussed at the very beginning of the work. We invite you to contact us by phone or e-mail and to visit the "Realizations" page, where you can find the pictures the products we have already made before.