Metal fences

Wrought iron fences, which we produce on demand, constitute well-made surroundings of a property, providing both protection and decoration. They are made from high-quality materials by experienced metallurgists and they will be a great, inherent addition to your house for many years. The huge advantage of our wrought iron fences is also the resistance to corrosion – they are not harmed by any weather conditions, hence even if it is raining heavily, they will look as impressive as always.

Wrought iron fences

Thanks to our immense experience, these products are amazingly durable and have their own characteristic style. We always adapt our work to the individual needs and requirements of our clients in order to create dreamed surroundings for a particular building. We create both modern metal fences and more traditional ones, thus you will always find the right model for yourself, no matter if you own a newly-built house or an antique property. We are also willing to realize unusual projects with fancy decorations and irregular shapes, because in this way, our specialists can gain precious experience and develop their ambitions.

Our wrought iron fence will definitely improve the value of your property and provide it with solid protection, which is almost impossible to breach. You are invited to browse the photos of our previous projects, available in the "realizations" section.