Radziszewski Company is one of the largest companies in Poland, providing services in the field of artistic metalwork around the world.

The policy of our company focuses mainly on the production of exclusive artistic metalwork from wrought iron as well as modern and traditional metal fences.

Radziszewski company employs a group of highly qualified specialists for whom nothing is impossible. The work of our artists will delight our customer. The beauty of the style, the high quality, meticulousness of the ornaments makes every product assumes a special and original character and is a glorious showpiece of our work.

Each of our projects has a unique character that reflects the style of the house and adds prestige to the whole property. Bold projects and innovative solutions make us the leader in the field of artistic metalwork. The solutions offered by us are made according to fanciful, original patterns that you will not find anywhere else.

We offer our customers a full range of metalworking services from technical measurements to installation.

What distinguishes our artistic metalwork? Absolute freedom of creation. We create not only gates and spans, but also inspiring forged iron furniture, garden ornaments and accessories, balustrades. Work with hot metal reveals the true beauty and grace of this material. The important role in the development of modern but exclusive designs plays the individual character of the final effect of our work. It is difficult to find two identical patterns and this is the chief asset of our work.